Aug 18

Master Your World Using Food Like The Six Women in What She Ate

untitledPour in a cup of rich history, add a dash of the back stories of six very different women, combine with a strong writer’s voice and readers have one of the best books of the year—2017. What She Ate written by Laura Shapiro has a certain flavorful voice all its own, making for intriguing, interesting prose, propelling readers masterfully along.

What She Ate entangles  us right away with stories about six women one of them being Eleanor Roosevelt and how they each used food to either nurture their loved ones or deliver powerful blows of madness to the people who pissed them off.

What She Ate is not just a book for women to read, but it is I guess more of a woman’s read telling the stories of each of the six women, who all have very strong personalities. Dorothy Wordsworth  who loves her brother way too much for comfort,  eats way too much comfort food. Or is that uncomfortable to read about food? Eleanor Roosevelt has the White House staff make gross food for her dinner parties, seemingly hoping to upset her always happy husband who is shamelessly having an affair with his live-in lover. Eleanor had a live in lover also who was female.

Helen Gurley Brown the long standing editor of Cosmo has a chapter, as well as Eve Braun, Hitler’s lover who loved her champagne.

Shapiro  richly tells the stories of each of the six women in a strong narrative voice where her writer’s voice comes out strongly poignant, without being overwhelming. I found What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and The Food That Tells Their Stories is an interesting, intriguing, fast paced book. What She Ate filled  my mind with images of six strong women who deeply mastered their worlds and somehow to this day still haunt ours through what we never thought of- the food we eat! Momzinga.com.

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