Aug 15

Get Your House Clean in Ten Minutes A Day? Simply Clean Shows You How.


Becky Rapinchuk runs a successful business concentrating on cleaning your home. Which by the way is a never ending job of ill repute that never seems to get completely done. Simply Clean made me feel like Becky is my personal cleaning cheerleader. She is so over the top happy about cleaning that it pushed me to get more dirty work done, I hadn’t gotten done in years.

Of course moving to our very own home forced me into overdrive and thinking I could write a book about cleaning myself after all the cleaning I’ve accomplished in just one week’s time. (Stop wasting money buying expensive cleaning products and use white vinegar instead.)

But more about Simply Clean and enough about my cleaning skills. Rapinchuk tells readers to pick a room and basically spot clean it in 10 minutes. Pick a different room every day including weekends and we all will have cleaner homes. She has a schedule to follow, and a schedule to follow of deep cleaning.

I found her main theme of cleaning the house in 10 minutes a day, unbelievable because it takes most of us 10 minutes just to wade through the clutter. It takes about 30 minutes a day just to do the dinner dishes, unless everyone in the house contributes by scraping their dishes used all day, rinses them off and puts them into the dishwasher. It takes me 15 minutes just to wash out the kitchen sink, scrub the stove and scrub all of the countertops, and sweep the floor. So if I leave the mess in each room, and only clean each room allotting 10 minutes a day, then I guess in theory this cleaning method could be done.

But in the land of reality I’m thinking Becky Rapinchuk has a maid come over several times a week to clean , while she spot cleans each room several times a day in 10 minutes. Momzinga.com.

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