Jul 31

Mrs. Fletcher Not The Hot MILF You Thought She Would Be!


Mrs Fletcher started out as a promising book brimming with major possibilities. I was more than happy to pick up this book written by Tom Perrotta who has written eight critically acclaimed books one of which was adapted into an HBO series.

Mrs. Fletcher starts out at a romp, then suddenly slows down to a mere slow walk while Perrotta puts Mrs. Fletcher through the paces of being not only a single mom but now an empty nester as her college freshman son,Brendan goes off to college. I completely was drawn to this character and the storyline. Until that is, when Eve is finding herself discovers by watching female on female porn. Okay, then I was grossed out.

While Brendan is off at college looking for young females to have sex with and with his grades dropping, he realizes he needs to change who he is, as well as Eve changing who she is.

Mrs. Fletcher is a story of two people growing up and becoming different people . But I have to say, I was grossed out by the directions the book started taking—of Eve discovering she may be bisexual, or gay. My clue was her grabbing a glass or three of wine every night, now that she is alone every evening, and looking up lesbian porn.

Mrs. Fletcher was awesome for the first 100 pages and then suddenly seemed like Perrotta is intentionally trying to make this book into a TV show or a movie script, that heavily leans towards the Liberal side of life.  I’m more than okay with reading a book that leans Liberal, but it just seemed like Perrotta was forcing Liberal thoughts and lifestyles into the book to make it seem like a Liberal TV show or movie.

I guess I wasn’t comfortable with Brendan discovering his more feminine side while at college and being forced to address women’s issues, and Mrs. Fletcher not being the hot MILF we thought she was going to be. Momzinga.com.

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