Jul 27


When a  member of the Trump Administration does a great job, takes a stand, sends a strong message, a Liberal member of the media, or a Liberal politician  suddenly chimes in with a rude, crude message about that person. Sean Spicer was torn to pieces during his six month tenure as press secretary. SNL held a weekly Spicer-fest  demoralizing, and tearing apart anything Spicer did. If he fought back against media hatred towards Trump he was ridiculed on SNL.

Newly installed White House Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is being called names, not being heralded by Liberals for being the first female White House Press Secretary. Oh No, they can’t give her credit for becoming the first female to attain this title. It’s okay for Maxine Waters to pipe in every other day to impeach Trump, which btw she has been doing before he stepped into the White House..

What I’m seeing is a total lack of respect for anyone who is not a Liberal now that Trump has become president. This has been going on for years. But now Liberal media people are simply showing a lack of respect due to a lack of morals, ethics, and values.

I was raised to have respect for others and to treat other people the way I want to be treated. I’m guessing Liberal-media and Hollywood stars want to be treated like crap then, because that’s how they treat anyone who does not share their opinion.

How does this affect our children, your children? Yelling at other people , disrespecting other people  clearly says it’s okay to call people rude names, to yell at them and to physically fight them, to riot, to ruin America.

The reason Liberal media and Liberal celebrities are slandering Republicans, saying hateful, spiteful, crude things about anyone who stands for Trump is obvious. They do not want Trump to succeed. They want everything to stay the same as it was with Obama. They think insulting, fighting, rioting, protesting, name calling will not only get them the attention Liberal media like Joe and Mika on MSNBC so desperately crave, because then they get higher ratings, keep their jobs, thus making more millions each year.

HELLO–WAKE UP ALREADY. The media want attention so badly they slander a sitting president and strong women who speak up for him! The Liberal media  insult Republicans and anyone who works for and sides with Donald Trump, because they want everything to stay the same.

Liberal media and Liberal politicians  ultimately and selfishly are trying to ruin America. Momzinga.com.


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