Jul 24




PAUL SPARKS portrays  Claire Underwood’s boy toy and speechwriter on House of Cards. He’s some seriously good looking eye candy for a writer. Claire’s boy toy, Thomas Yates is hired to write all of Claire’s speeches, quickly becoming her White House bedroom mate. Even though Frank, Claire’s husband is sleeping right down the hall, Claire is bedding down her assistant. And nobody questions what is going on. President Underwood is okay with it. Claire feels no remorse about the situation, as  Thomas spends many nights in the White House sleeping in her bed.

Wait a minute, isn’t she married to the president? Exactly what is going on with Frank and Claire and exactly what is their thing? We discover by watching the show, they are both heartless, soulless creatures who are beyond having emotions, even as Claire’s mother is dying she could care less.


Paul Sparks adds some much needed eye candy on House of Cards, because all of the political guys working at the White House are nothing to admire. But we soon realize Thomas is just out for himself, as he does the nasty with any female he comes into contact with, as he writes a series of articles and a book about Claire Underwood.

Paul Sparks plays a cad, but in real life is married to an actress and they have two kids together. Paul Sparks has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, such as Boardwalk Empire and this year’s The Greatest Showman. Sparks has also appeared in Stealing Cars, Mud and Deception. Momzinga.com.

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