Jul 18


How does she do it?

Beatriz Williams manages to create a fantasy world so rich, carefree and beautiful, I’m left wondering, as her die-hard fans if Williams’ life is led in a fantasy world? Does she manage to live in reality or has Williams created a life as fun, entertaining and splendid as she has created in her books?


Beautifully written, richly unique, Cocoa Beach is another beauty to behold. Personally I feel lucky to have just held Cocoa Beach in my hands. Cocoa Beach is a pleasure to read. Beatriz Williams fans know by now how she manages to weave a tale so stunning, uniquely written, fantastical, that no other author can compare to her original, carefree, imaginative prose. I love reading Beatriz Williams’ books. She takes sobering reality and makes it sound like a frolicking good time on a sunny day at the beach.

Readers can tell , Williams loves what she is doing. She thoroughly immerses herself into her book writing and it shows in the creative love pouring forth from her powerfully pretty prose.


Cocoa Beach is escapism at it’s ever-loving best. I named A Certain Age as  “the most delicious book of 2016.” Certain Age was one of the best books I read last year, as Cocoa Beach is one of the best books I have read in 2017. Cocoa Beach tells the story of Virginia Fortescue, who was a bit player in A Certain Age as her father is part of the story. Little did we know Virginia would become the star of her own novel! Her father killed Virginia’s mother.

Taking place in WWI way back in the time machine of life in 1917 through 1924, Virginia falls in love with Simon Fitzwilliam, a famed surgeon during the war, as she literally runs away from her past. Virginia becomes an ambulance driver in Europe, driving through muddy, rainy, blood-soaked battlefields to rescue wounded soldiers. She marries Fitzwilliam, they have a child and he leaves her to start numerous businesses in Florida during prohibition times. He dies in a house fire and she is left to fend for herself. Then she must defend herself against her oddly strange, overly friendly or standoffish newly met Fitzwilliam relatives.

Williams is so over the top at times, Cocoa Beach sounds like Gone With The Wind. But I have to say, Cocoa Beach is a great read worthy of buying and enjoying the richly layered, beautifully written, fantastical stories held between its boundaries. Best book of 2017! Momzinga.com.


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