Jul 17

THE QUIET CHILD: A Must Read This Summer!

Devour The Quiet Child, written by John Burley in one day. The Quiet Child careens along  faster than a speeding bullet. Truthfully, The Quiet Child can be read in one day, because Burley has packed every sentence with information. It’s fascinating to read a book so well written that Burley’s book should be a hardcover beauty obviously written for hardcore Stephen King fans.

I’m still not over The Quiet Child! It’s a scary ride of intensity leaving readers thinking, “OMG! How evil can someone be?” The ending left me feeling shocked and wondering if the story continues in another book, perhaps? Yes, The Quiet Child is left on a cliffhanger.

The Quiet Child rivals Stephen King’s masterpieces. Set in the summer of 1954 in Cottonwood, California , a small town of a few souls that are slowly departing. Townsfolk think Danny McCray is secretly conjuring up ways to kill every member of the community by giving them a long, horrible cancer-like death. No decent or indecent person is missed in Danny’s supposed six year old brain for murderous intentions. Danny’s older brother Sean does everything to protect Danny against loud mouthed neighbors, kids and kin. Danny’s mother  becomes hopelessly ill soon after Danny is prematurely born. Danny manages to hang on , fight for survival and live on, as his loving,  supportive mother becomes sicker.

Danny and his older brother are mysteriously taken by a stranger as their father gets ice cream for the boys. The stranger steals the car when Sean tries to fight off the thief who is really stealing Danny to get rid of the evil child.

John Burley includes memorabilla about big cars, rotary phones, phone booths, old technology we no longer use, but many Americans probably would like to still have around, instead of today’s trendy tech tools..

What happens in The Quiet Child is sickening but propels readers along , because we have to find out what happens to the two kids, especially Danny who this insane man wants to kill. Besides, how does a complete stranger know that Danny may possess an evil force causing people to die? Momzinga.com.


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