Jul 13


Derp eyes


My father always told me  to get something done everyday. He said , “You need to accomplish something everyday. You need to get work done to feel good about yourself.” My Dad died 25 years ago and I still miss his words of wisdom, his sense of humor and the way he walked around the house singing operatic songs in the way over the top way opera singers do—-complete with the hand gestures and the classical music wailing away from upstairs from my parents’ bedroom.

My Dad was a very smart man, and I miss him everyday of my life. MY Dad was so smart, he read science, nature and history books everyday. Besides reading five books a week, working full time, he took care of his family. He took care of his three kids. He took care of his wife.

When my mother worked full time for about two years, after my sister and brother left home, I was the last kid left at home and  was told not to get into trouble. So I cleaned the house , did laundry and made meals for myself, because I was 14 , we just moved into a new neighborhood, I didn’t know anyone and none of the kids in this new neighborhood came outside to hang out. So to keep from being bored I did stuff around the house—-boring as hell stuff, but I did it. I vacuumed the bottom of the pool and took over daily maintenance of the pool because I wanted to get something done.. I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted to accomplish something.. And I cut down the shrubs in front of the house during the spring and summer out of sheer boredom.

But it made me feel better, Getting something done everyday made me feel good about myself. I felt good inside. I wasn’t attaining new found riches, but I was learning life skills, how to take care of a house, how to cut the bushes, how to do laundry, how to take care of myself.

I digress, but this is what the main meaning of this Momzinga post; do something you are proud of everyday. Get some work done. It will make you feel better. Hard work makes you feel good. Even jumping out of bed every morning and making your bed makes you feel good. My Dad was 100 percent right—get something done everyday. Momzinga.com.

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