Jul 10



Without a doubt, Based On A True Story is the best psychological thriller of 2017, possibly the best book of 2017. Already introduced to Parisians, Delphine de Vigan is taking the world by storm as she introduces us to L. who is a complete NUT CASE!

Delphine de Vigan is seduced by a strange woman who suddenly appears in her life, now that she is a famous writer telling her life story of shock and horror. At the same time she is receiving wacked out letters from what appears to be this woman of mystery and intrigue, Delphine is glowing in her recent success from her bestselling book.

The confident, beautiful L. appears suddenly by de Vigan’s’s side seducing her in a story taking readers through a ride of a lifetime. But did this really happen, or did Delphine who is a writer make it all up? Is something wrong with Delphine de Vigan? Is L trying to take over de Vigan’s life? Is this a real story? Did this really happen?

Based On A True Story , whether it really happened or not, is a beautifully written psychological thriller. I became wrapped up in True Story right away, and sped through it, while getting a lot of work done taking occasional breaks to spend with my family.
Based on a True Story is riveting, and entrancing like Delphine has put a spell on us.

As Based On A True Story moves swiftly along, Delphine ever so cleverly feeds us necessary information which made me feel like I was watching a Hitchcock movie, and like I was part of what was happening. True Story is so cleverly written I found myself saying, “Tell L. to go away.”

L. slowly but confidently takes over Delphine’s life, even going as far as to answer all of her correspondence so secretly and cleverly all in front of Delphine—while she watches and feels okay about what is going on. Delphine even wonders in the book why she didn’t do anything about what is going on, and realizes L. may not have ever existed. L. is a psycho; she confidently stares down a man bullying his wife, then shoves him without looking back, out of a train. Momzinga.com.

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