Jul 20




I’ve noticed so many things since we moved to a small town. I love getting from one place to another with a small amount of traffic in our small town. I also enjoy getting really fast service at the post office, local restaurants, and I like the small town chit chat.

So, I thought with my particular set of skills, I’d write ten ways to make life better, with your particular set of skills:

1.I thoroughly enjoyed hearing a girl of about 22 telling everyone  how she had a baby, is getting married, and graduated from high school. At the time, I was kind of annoyed, but now that I think about, if people are going to announce things, then  I’m just going to say, “Congratulations.”  Why not  enjoy the moment and love life?

2. When people stand in the way, in a parking lot, do not beep at them. It’s not worth it. Just wait it out.

3. Hold the door open for people and smile at them or say, “Hello, how are you today?” I do this all the time now.

4. Always say thank you when the waitress/server brings your food to the table. I guess I never did that until we moved here. And I discovered, that a little kindness goes a long way.

5. Do not get upset when you overhear somebody yelling on their cellphone in a public place , like a grocery store.Just keep walking, ignore them or listen to their conversation while shopping. Don’t get mad, because it just raises the blood pressure.

6. Even though you may be in a hurry, enjoy standing in a long line at Wal Mart for example. What’s the rush?

7. Say “Good Morning.” to people you live with, see at a store, wait on you at a restaurant for breakfast. Of course, do this in the morning, not at night, cause why would you say “Good Morning to people at 9 at night?

8.Do not beep at people in traffic or yell at them. It just raises the blood pressure, once again and it isn’t worth yelling at them , because they may get pissed off at you, and do something awful back at you.

9. Pay it forward. Pay for coffee for person in the car behind you at drive through window.

10. Compliment somebody today. Someone you see every day, may feel down and need to feel better about life, and even a small compliment makes a person feel good. And di you ever notice when you compliment people, they start complimenting you more often?


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