Jul 07



EVERYONE, not just SMART MOMS, need to read more books. Reading is one of the best things Moms should do for their brains. Reading keeps the mind actively working, which not only makes Moms smarter but keeps brain diseases at bay. (I read my way back after having a nasty stroke.) Active readers learn more about proper grammar, decent spelling, how to write, and talk in a more knowledgeable manner. Active readers also learn more about the world, current events and have a better chance than non-book readers of getting a good job. Read books on being a leader, being happier, more religious and discover an entirely new world, just by reading.

For a mere twenty dollars, buying and reading a book is a cheaper alternative than going to see a movie at a theater. Reading books is also a lot cheaper than going to college, now isn’t it?

People who read books learn more about the world, a different city, town, state, get a history lesson, gain more knowledge of various subjects or a little known subject which can be used to entertain friends. Even reading seriously popular books like Fifty Shades of Grey is a good thing to do, because now Moms have something to talk to other Moms about.

Depending on time constraints, read a book a week, one a month or do like I do, read three books a week. I’m not bragging or anything, but I literally read three books a week.
I work from home writing, and I live in the country. Here in Central Pa is an area starved for something to do, besides growing crops, gossiping with neighbors and going online, there isn’t much to do. Unless my family and I drive to the nearest big city for more art, entertainment choices, there isn’t much to do.

Do what I do, besides complaining a lot, read a book—today—-it’s good for the brain! Momzinga.com.

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