Jun 23


here and gone

Compelling, well written, fast moving, Here And Gone, written by Haylen Beck is so well done, I read it in one day. And night. Started reading when it got hot outside and read until the wee hours of the next morning.

Haylen Beck knows exactly what he is doing. Here and Gone grabs you and holds onto you throughout the entire book. Here and Gone is written so perfectly, has everything a Mom, a Dad or any great parent would want in a book. A mom is running away from her crazy, controlling husband with her two kids in tow, one being a very smart eleven year old. When an evil small town cop pulls her over for no real reason, plants pot in her car, and arrests her in front of her kids, sitting in the car looking worried. Being a great mom, Audra keeps telling them Everything will be okay. But it is anything but okay. The cop says the kids will be taken care of, but are put into an underground shack, while Mom is beaten up in jail.

Beck keeps the horror going in this scary, tense thriller throughout the entire book as he switches from the kids to a strange force putting the kids up for auction for millions of dollars. Who exactly is this person orchestrating this malevolent force? Is the crazy, controlling husband pulling the reins, or is Audra’s eccentric father-in-law trying to get rid of his poor, artistic daughter in law?

Here And Gone is a tightly wound book of tension, so brilliantly written, it is worth a day or two to read—because you will zip through it’s 300 pages. It’s just that awesome! Here And Gone should be created into an action adventure movie or a Netflix series, Everything is included in this book; a loving mom, running away from a horrific husband, tension, love, a smart, protective child, a concerned, street smart adult who helps out. Uh-oh, I almost told the ending. Whoops.

Here And Gone is the Best Roller Coaster Ride you will read this summer! Momzinga.com.

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