Jun 21



Ann Kidd Taylor starts The Shark Club off by describing the beauty of the sea, the strong but delicate looking creatures living in the ocean and Florida’s sand and crystal/clear azure waters. I felt the ever-present pang in my mind to pack up my house, sell everything off, and get in a car and drive to Florida and never come home. That’s how Taylor made me feel, like I was living in the wrong place.

Taylor describes Florida’s beauty in extraordinary language. Maeve Donnelley’s life changes forever when she is bitten by a shark in Florida’s beautiful waters. Moments before she was kissing her best friend for life, Daniel the guy who ruins their relationship by screwing around, and getting another girl pregnant.

Maeve runs away from Daniel steering clear of her home, and Daniel for almost a decade. She never faces him until she has to, when she meets the daughter he had with the ‘other woman’. Then this thing happens where Maeve and Daniel do not talk to each other about what happened, when they really need to.

I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Maeve’s marine biology diving trips, the Florida beaches, sand, marine animals and Taylor’s love of the sea. Like I said, I wanted to go live in Florida with Taylor’s love-lorn descriptions of the white sandy beaches, the blue/green warm water, and the sharks she fell in love with—even though one bites Maeve.

I became enthralled with The Shark Club right from the start.I enjoyed how Taylor brings Maeve together with Daniel’s intelligent child by starting a shark club. A beautiful summer read, to enjoy anywhere, but of course that Florida beach on the sandy white beaches with a warm Southerly breeze would do it for me. I highly recommend The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor to read this summer!Momzinga.com

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