Jun 19

A BEAUTIFUL,TERRIBLE THING: Reads Like a Book About Former President Bill Clinton!


A Beautiful, Terrible Thing reminds me of a movie written about former president Bill Clinton, who was impeached, by the way.

Jen Waite falls for a charming, flirtatious bartender who is seriously good looking. While living in New York City, working as a waitress, waiting for her big break as an actor, she meets Marco (who has been in America, illegally for 12 years), and falls in lust for him. She tells the story of how Marco, from Argentina broke her heart, got her pregnant and stole her life from under her feet.

All the warning signs were there, and Jen Waite ignores them. She ignores Marco ‘s illegal immigrant status. Waite ignores what she calls his ‘sociopathic ways.’ He cheats on her. He lies about cheating and even cheats on her right after she gives birth to their baby. Waite believes his lies, when they are very clearly displayed on social media. She ignores the fact that Marco has a child with an unaccounted for mother. Jen ignores her inner voice crying out and her common sense meter must have stopped working.

The mother in me leapt out and saying, “You don’t sleep with someone on the first date!” In reality Waite did not have a first date with Marco–the seriously good looking, charismatic, in Waite’s words,’sociopath.” I also did not believe that Marco was one hundred percent at fault in this story—which by the way is a true life story, but also sounds like Waite is writing a movie script, or about former president Bill Clinton, who screwed on Hillary—not just with Monica.

At times A Beautiful, Terrible Thing sounds like a therapist wrote it, at other times a pissed off, getting back at that Bastard woman. Jen Waite analyzes what Marco did to her. But it isn’t just one person’s fault here, it takes two to tango. Waite starts sounding like she’s writing a movie, I think we’ve already seen. Momzinga.com.

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