Jun 13

Is The Book The Answers Supposed to be Funny or a Serious Drama?


I was left wondering why after reading The Answers, why this book written by Catherine Lacey was not categorized as humor because I found this book hilarious. I’m certain the intent of the book is not to be funny, but to be taken seriously, but come on with what happens in this book it really should be classified as a humor book.

The Answers is seriously funny. As the story unfolds , we readers find out more about Mary’s life and what happens to her and what happened to her in her past life. The Answers basically answers the questions why Mary is a mess and can’t figure out why she is, even though the answer is right there—she led a messed up childhood.

Mary’s parents are a mess. Her father forces the family to live far away from civilization, basically off the grid, without the children having a real education, and not having any friends. Mary leaves home to start her own life because she obviously does not want to lead her parents’ life.

Catherine Lacey writes The Answers in such an odd way, that it made me laugh, because now I know why Johnny Depp is a broke celebrity. The actor in The Answers has hired an entire team of people to work for him, including a company that hires his different meeting his every need—girlfriends. WOW!!

What is so funny is when Mary applies for a job to pay for expensive, odd work she is having done to heal her inner self. After numerous interviews and analysis, Mary is picked to be one of the girlfriends of a wealthy, self-important star. OMG! This was laugh out loud funny. Mary becomes one of the numerous paid different girlfriends to take care of all of his many needs. One is the ‘Maternal Girlfriend’ who takes care of everything at home. Several are the dating girlfriends who are seen in public with MR. Bigstuff, and Mary is the ‘Emotional Girlfriend.’ Even though Mary doesn’t show any emotion, ever.

The way in which Lacey crafts the story makes it seem so real and like this is simply what happens every day. Lacey writes without drama. I was so happy for the lack of drama. The story enfolds by being told, and it is funny! Can you say Cult Following? Momzinga.com.

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