May 24



Cool Person! That Me!

You bet your sweet bippy they do!! Attractive, good looking people get more likes online, they get more comments, they get more attention in the real world, so that only goes to say cute guys/girls get more attention online.

In this stuff isn’t always fair in real life, this extends to the online world. It’s not fair, but it happens, all the time. That’s why we see people putting up pics of someone else like a celebrity so they get more likes, more views on their blogs or on their Facebook posts, etc. People want to be popular and some are doing anything to gain that popularity.

I usually try not to like a person’s comment on an article because he/she is cute. But this morning I did. He had brown, curly, longish hair. He had a muscular neck, was tan and he was young looking. For all I know reality bites and he is a 75 year old man who is anything but 35, tan and muscular.

Do you like comments or visit blogs because the picture on the blog or the commenter’s pic is of a good looking guy or an attractive female?

Without really thinking about it, we all do it. Numerous surveys have been taken in the past where people online gravitate towards a cute/good looking person, or a female who is wearing a bikini and is really pretty. It’s the way we are, the way we were born. It happens in nature all the time, where male birds are all pimped out to look great to get a female mate to make baby birds with. Male peacocks get the blue, purple feathers, where as the females get the brown/gray feathers. The males fan out their feathers to the females, and the females ignore them.

It’s all in our nature to like attractive people in real life and online.

And yes, attractive people get more likes online, and people are spending tons of money to make themselves look gorgeous online. They are buying expensive cameras with filters, using a lot of expensive makeup, dying their hair, using certain lighting and using other techniques to make yellow teeth white, make themselves look pounds lighter and wear wigs to look like they have long, golden blond hair. Teen fashion bloggers are getting plastic surgery at young ages to look perfect to draw in more viewers and more potential advertisers. Delve into the teen fashion/makeup world and discover how much moola these kids are making!

We gravitate towards attractive people online and in real life, and we like more comments from an attractive person online. What is really sad is people who are very smart, qualified for a job and do not get that job because they are not a young attractive female, but are really a 60-something male. That is sexist and ageist!Momzinga.com.

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    Hey! That’s me (cool girl who isn’t Momzinga…not saying that Momzinga isn’t cool.)

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