May 17

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Politicians on Both Sides of Aisle Only Out For Themselves!


If you are a true believer in government is a good thing, you will not want to read Drain The Swamp. If you are a reasonable, sane, thinking person you will want to read Drain The Swamp because what Congressman Ken Buck says in his book is so scary. It is very much like reading a fictional account, a horror movie, or a Stephen King book. This is real life people. You need to find out what YOUR government is doing to make our lives miserable.

OMG! It is scary from the get go, what Congressman Ken Buck says about the United States government. Congressmen and Senators on both sides of the political aisle are menacing, cruel, heartless, selfish, I’m only out for myself kinds of people. They do not have any Americans’ interest at heart. They are literally only in government to make as much money as possible, derail everything, and take from US to give to themselves. Hey, and I thought Hillary was bad!

They create laws to benefit themselves, they throw themselves lavish parties, make Americans pay for them, buy themselves whatever they want both Democrats and Republicans. They create pay to play schemes, line their pockets with scam money and continue building up Washington, D.C. while many American cities continue losing federal funding, and are literally crumbling—like the small town I currently live in.

To top it all off, most Senators, Congressmen are so self interested they lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. They lie to us everyday on TV, on CSPAN on every news station covering their antics. Senators and Congressmen are immature, self possessed jerks! And that is stating the truth in a nice way.

DRAIN THE SWAMP is not for the feint of heart because you will discover exactly just how crooked almost every politician is, and Ken Buck is not just talking about Democrats. The longer they are in office, the worse they become. You will learn all kinds of scary factoids such as: how Republicans and Democrats fleece Americans creating further American debt. You’ll learn how if a politician is on the good side of the law, he/she will be given a continued hard time as in being harassed, threatened, yelled at. Ken Buck says no real work gets done in Washington because politicians are too busy arguing, yelling at newbies and demanding more pay, bigger cars, more freebies and whatever their hearts desire.

Drain The Swamp is actually a scary book to read, because it deals in the truth about our government leaders not doing their jobs, but just lining their pockets with more money. Momzinga.com.

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