May 16


SINGLE MINDED BY LISA DAILY—-What Can I say? This Can Happen to Any Woman—

LISA DAILY HAS A BESTSELLING BOOK ON HER HANDS, OR IS THAT IN YOUR HANDS? Single Minded is everything readers want in one book; humor, interest, a different take on an old story, and fun. Alex has been married to the same guy for TWO years, and never noticed that he is gay. She has known him since kindergarten and fell in love right away. She never had to worry about dating ten different guys to find the right one until she discovers her ESPN anchor husband is having an affair with no not a woman, but a guy; a high profile basketball player.

As numerous news stations start picking up the story she sees her husband grabbing the almost famous basketball player and lovingly kiss him. After realizing Michael never did that to her, she sees what she has been missing for over 23 years. UGH! To make matters worse, people think she is a guy due to her name Alex, they know her husband is gay. Something she never did.

Oh yeah, this may sound like a Lifetime movie. But it’s not. Single-Minded is so much better than that. Single-Minded is cleverly written, funny, fast moving, action packed and every women alive knows how it feels to be dumped—just not on a grand, public scale by a guy who still loves her and wants to stay married, but have his cake and eat it too.
Single-Minded is perhaps the best book of the year which can be read whenever you get the time.

I found myself putting my hand over my mouth at midnight so as to not wake my slumbering hubby! Great book!! Momzinga.com.

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