Apr 27

SHATTERED: An Inside Look Into Why Hillary Clinton Lost the 2016 Presidential Election


Shattered literally takes readers into Hillary Clinton’s behind the scenes world of plotting, planning an unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2016. It truly seems as if the two writers were in the middle of the campaign working alongside Aberdin and many other trusted, young campaign confidantes. Shattered explains in detail exactly how Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. Readers can tell the two authors of Shattered did an extensive amount of research and poured a ton of coffee working incredibly hard writing Shattered.

Have to tell you, I already know what happened—Trump won and why, but Allen and Parnes explain with a behind the scenes technique that makes readers feel like they are really there seeing what is going on and exactly what happened to bring Hillary down. Which by the way the authors stress that part of the reason Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency is because Hillary was to blame for not creating a strong message like Trump did as to where she stood and what exactly she was going to do for Americans. All Americans got were unidentifiable messages of what was the campaign slogan, “Stronger Together?” What the heck did that mean?

They also admit Clinton was running a campaign that looked like an Obama/Bill Clinton third term.

Allen and Parnes tell how Hillary’s trusted campaign personnel managed to screw matters up, how they messed up the messages Clinton was trying to throw out to Americans. Basically Shattered is a book of how things went so dangerously off the rails, into a dark abyss Clinton could not get herself out of. Maybe it was calling Americans deplorable, maybe it was looking down at us regular folk, and ignoring small cities and fly over country that really did Clinton in. But I digress, as the two authors state maybe H. Clinton did it to herself by not putting out a discernible message of what she was going to do for America, and how her numerous emails came back to slap her on the back of the head. It didn’t help Hillary’s ‘sure thing’ with nearly every state in American voting in huge numbers for Donald Trump.
Shattered is very interesting and tells with an insider’s view what happened causing Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House to go so far off the rails. Momzinga.com.

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