Apr 18


TIRED OF THE POLITICAL BULLSHIT nearly every news station is talking about seven days a week? Tired of clinging to your teddy bear, looking for a pouting place or a room to cry in? Well here you have a place to Mom. A place to hang out, created just for you by a woman that is a fun, smartass that like you wants more out of life.

Come to Momzinga.com to escape the bullshit, because I don’t do bullshit here at Momzinga. I am a straight shooter offering relevant ideals just for Moms. Momzinga.com offers short, concise book reviews. Set a good example for your kids and read books, Mom! Turn off the TV and educate yourself. Momzinga serves up #MansliceMonday to gawk openly at good looking guys. #TacoTuesday offers fast, easy recipes to serve up to your family. #WeirdNewsWednesday—gives you strange things people have done—like the 8 year old that recently drove to McDonald’s after learning how to drive from YouTube. #ThinkingThursday offers moms a time to ponder what is going on in the world, learn new scientific advancements that affect you and gain pleasure from what can be an often mundane, harried Mom existence. So skip the bullshit, and relax with Momzinga.com today!

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