Apr 14


GRACE NOTES, WRITTEN BY KATEY SAGAL—There are many reasons why Katey Sagal is so successful—

WOW! GRACE NOTES is most definitely a book you will want to read this year. No change that, now, right now. Katey Sagal, (Sons of Anarchy star) lets readers into her strictest confidence, into her inner world, her inner turmoil, her thoughts right away. If I were doing a star rating system, Grace Notes would get FIVE stars.

Sagal is not another bimbo actress who is just acting to make millions becoming another Oscar fixture who spews hatred against whatever cause she feels will give her tons of free publicity this week. Nope, Sagal is a multi-talented actress who will be creating remarkable, mesmerizing characters for years to come.

Katey Sagal brings readers into her inner sanctum right away. I became a big fan of hers after reading Grace Notes. She tells her life story in a small smattering of words, and only uses the right words. She tells us how her parents both worked in Hollywood; her mother was an uncredited writer, in the 1950’s. Her father was a Hollywood producer who made big bucks. Both her parents died young because they both had major issues. Her mother had five children, stayed home because her husband wanted her to take care of the kids rather than work. So Katey’s mom fell into a depressed state of not being for most of Katey’s life. Her mom stopped taking care of the kids, and started lying in bed all the time. Then she developed heart problems—in her 30’s—yikes.

After her mom dies, young, her Dad throws himself into work and Katey starts playing guitar—everywhere she is—girl Scout meetings, at home, in the middle of the night. She joins a band at 13 and goes from there. She starts acting to support her music career and becomes an unwilling star.

I love Grace Notes. In fact, Katey Sagal has made an overnight fan out of me—for writing a meaningful, short, easy to read, involving book filled with depth and character. Thank God, a celebrity is not over dramatizing or sugar coating her life story. It’s simply well written and filled with inspiration. Momzinga.com.

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