Apr 11




Eat Delicious is not at all what I thought it would be. Dennis Prescott threw himself into a creative life of cooking and photography several years ago making a life for himself from cooking. It’s so much more than just a cookbook. Dennis Prescott, a Canadian guy who toured with a band for about 10 years from the age of 19, suddenly had a major creative shift and went from touring, making albums and playing music gigs to cooking food. He discovered while on tour his undying love of two things; creating food and taking pictures.

Prescott wrote this stunningly beautiful book filled with numerous recipes, which look so good he made me feel really hungry. The cover looks really delicious. Every page looks delicious. This guy is good. Eat Delicious is a recipe book you have to take a gander at. Prescott throws his inner being into Eat Delicious. It’s not just a money making venture for him., He loves what he is doing and it shows!

Almost everything but the kitchen sink is included in this book, numerous different kinds of pizza recipes, an entire chapter on eggs–who would think there are so many ways to eat eggs? 11 chapters of creative recipes, with Prescott throwing in a short life story. Prescott also throws in his funny personality making a cookbook worth carrying everywhere you go.

Delightfully different, funny, a little weird, but definitely great food to stir your creative juices. And I hate to cook. Not only did Prescott make my feel hungry by looking at the delicious food-filled pages, but he made me run out to the grocery store, buy food, and make dinner for my family!

Many different chapters stir you into a frenzy of cooking activity. Eat Delicious is not the same old cookbook, but is different, awesome, and has almost everything you need inside this big book you will want to keep forever. Prescott has recipes not only about pizza, but breakfast foods, seafood, salads and most importantly dessert. YUM! Momzinga.com.

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