Apr 06

BEFORE THE WAR :The BEST Adventure of the YEAR, 2017!

BEFORE THE WAR WRITTEN BY FAY WELDON—Flirty, fun, a must read for 2017!—

I loved reading Before The War. Author Fay Weldon has this beautiful, witty, flirty, enticing way of writing that is so masterful she has received numerous awards for her amazing writing. I can’t even describe how masterfully she tells the stories she entertains readers with, she is just that clever, witty, smart and creative. I loved devouring this book which I mastered in one day. Before The War is so flirty, adventurous and telling , Weldon carries readers along on a fast paced mission of reading pleasure. It kind of feels like I was floating on a bed of feathers, Before the War was that good.

Fay Weldon knows exactly what she is doing considering she won an award for writing the pilot of Upstairs Downstairs. I truly appreciated being in the hands of a master of writing, and loved being carried away on an adventure.

Before The War is a gem of a book, telling the main story of how very tall, plain, gawky Vivien Ripple asks the very short, but large ego-ed Sherwyn Sexton to marry her. At 20 years of age, living in London, the sole heir to her wealthy parents, who own the biggest publishing firm in England, she has no confidence, but asks Sherwyn to marry her. She tells him that he doesn’t have to be faithful to her, that she just needs to get married, because she thinks no one will ever ask her. Weldon lets on early that Vivien will die soon after giving birth to twin girls, one being plain and one being pretty, and also eludes to Vivien having been knocked up before getting married.

But it is the way in which Weldon tells the story, not just the story itself. Weldon does this magnificent thing which makes readers feel so damn good. I for one felt like plunging ahead and devouring the book much like a feast of steak and lobster. Before The War made me feel hungry to continue reading. Weldon writes in a delicious manner, which is done in a flirty, fun manner. I didn’t feel like I was plodding on to get the book done so I could do a review. I felt in awe of her writing style as soon as I opened the book. Momzinga.com.

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