Mar 27



Blake Shelton has everything a woman desires out of a man; charisma, talent, drive, sense of humor, determination, good looks, he’s wealthy, tells the truth, sells tons of records and to boot he’s tall and has really nice hair. No, I’m not in love, or lust with Blake Shelton, but he does have that certain something most men do not have.

One of the most notable, noticed people in country music and on The Voice TV singing show, Shelton has an irresistible charm that draws you in and may not make women want to get drunk and throw their clothes off like other country singers write songs about. But he does have that certain something women like and men wish they had.

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Even though Blake Shelton is not the best singer in the world, or the best husband in the world—Hello Ladies he’s been married and divorced twice—once to country singer Miranda Lambert. Lambert and Shelton dated for four years, which is what he did with his first wife, and then became divorced after just a few short years. Currently he is dating Gwen Stefani, who appears on The Voice also.

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Blake Shelton has sold millions of albums, charted 24 songs, topped off 15 songs in the number one slot, and has won numerous awards. (Didn’t he beat out Taylor Swift for Entertainer of the Year one time?) On The Voice, Blake Shelton has won FIVE out of 11 seasons and may continue his winning streak. We’ll just have to watch The Voice to find out now won’t we? Momzinga.com

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