Mar 29

Put Down The Remote and Read The Entertaining, Fun, FAST Vinegar Girl!!

VINEGAR GIRL WRITTEN BY ANNE TYLER—fast, fun entertaining read!

Anne Tyler wrote a passionate, meaningful story based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Vinegar Girl is absolutely delightful, funny, passionate, interesting, intriguing, and everything readers want and need in a well written book that holds reader’s interest right from the get go. I read about 100 pages in one hour on a dreary, cold, Sunday.

Kate Battista has been set up by her scientist father. You see, Kate’s mother died when she was young and her younger sister, Bunny was perhaps a year old. Kate and Bunny are complete opposites. Bunny is pretty, small and out going. Nearly every boy she goes near, becomes enraptured with her. Kate has the opposite problem. Kate has large bones, is tall, gawky and men are not attracted to her abrasive personality. She simply has no social skills, but works at a local daycare taking care of preschool kids that adore her for her funny, yet quirky personality. She says what she means and means what she says. Vinegar Girl is an entertaining, fun twist on The Taming of the Shrew, and is worth taking a few hours to devour.

Kate’s father may seem like a serious guy who has his head planted in scientific revelations, but he just is doing what is best for his daughters. That means finding a man for his 29 year old spinster daughter to marry so she can go on with her life, becoming a happier more social human being. Even if that means setting up her daughter with his fellow, single out of the country scientist, Kate has no interest in.

Instead of watching mindless TV shows tonight that go nowhere, read Vinegar Girl that is worth your time and money spent. Momzinga.com

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