Apr 17




Did you pay attention, I mean really pay attention to The Hunger Games movies? You couldn’t possibly miss the handsome Gloss then, because besides other good looking guys starring in Catching Fire, Gloss tears up the big screen.

You might remember Alan Ritchson if you paid attention to The Hunger Games movies very intently or you are a teenage girl like my daughter who has watched The Hunger Games movies ten times each and remembers Gloss from the 2013 Hunger Games flick, Catching Fire. Gloss was half of the seriously handsome brother/sister team who already won the Hunger Games but is killed by Katniss. Quarter_quell_gloss

Alan Ritchson is extremely good looking, as he acts, sings and models his way into our hearts. Gloss, I mean Ritchson appeared on American Idol way back in 2004, doing a sultry-funny strip tease for Paula Abdul. He didn’t win the show, but he did go on a modeling. acting career appearing in Ambercrombie- Fitch ads. Aren’t those ads the ones with the muscular shirtless guys?

Alan Ritchson appeared in Smallville as Aquaman, has appeared on CSI: Miami, Black Mirror and Blood Drive. Ritchson has also portrayed Raphael in 2014 on The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Momzinga.com.

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