Mar 28


THE RULES DO NOT APPLY BY ARIEL LEVY—-Something is missing in this book—like an ending.
The Rules Do Not Apply is a short book, but it feels like something really major is missing in this book—like a really good story. Sorry, but it is true. Rules tells Levy’s life story, but the interesting, important stuff are left to the end, and then the book does a short summation and ends abruptly. Perhaps if Levy had written about the bad things happening to her first to hook readers, then told some background information, it would be a better book to enjoy.

The Rules Do Not Apply is not enjoyable it is caustic, and uncomfortable to read.

The Rules Do Not Apply seems like someone else steps in writing the middle of the book. I was left wondering if Levy has a personality disorder, and her other half stepped in to write her book. Suddenly the book shifts to Levy writing smaller paragraphs, and summarizing each main idea at the end of each paragraph. This I found annoying, not funny which I’m thinking Levy was trying to do:putting a humorous spin on things. She ends up sounding like a bad Woody Allen—who hasn’t been relevant or funny for years.

The actual story of Ariel Levy’s life is intriguing, when she talks about her mother having an affair with a guy she met years before getting married and having him come to sleep over while she is married. Levy tells the story of how she started writing, how she met her partner, married her and decided to get pregnant at 38. She tells readers right away that none of this worked out. Her partner is an alcoholic, she loses her home, and she has a miscarriage.

Levy ends the story soon after she loses the baby and doesn’t tell how she got her life back on track, or if she does. She doesn’t tell what really happens to her partner, Lucy or how she will make her life better. She leaves readers in a limbo ending. Overall The Rules Do Not Apply is a story of perseverance, but needed more story telling and less choppy ideas, thoughts and paragraphs. Momzinga.com.

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