Mar 16

Totally Different Perspective What Family Really Means? Read The Other F-Word.

other f word


“A teen girl who was conceived via in vitro fertilization goes off in search of answers about her past.” The Other F-word revolves around a totally different concept, that is well conceptualized, moves along very fast, is entertaining and kind of fun, and involves two teens searching for their sperm donor father their moms used to have them.

Natasha Friend has a completely different idea in The Other F-Word, which truly picks up the pace halfway into the book, making it a great, entertaining, fun read. F-Word starts out slowly, perhaps making readers think it is dull, but suddenly picks up and becomes funny, with the now five siblings telling sex jokes about their sperm donor to each other.

F-Word has a great title, a different perspective, appealing to a certain segment of society in a hipster kind of way, but the book truly felt like it was not told by a teen for teens to read. I really felt that F-Word carries on as if someone is standing in the corner telling the story. While Hollis and Milo are supposed to be telling the story, that’s not how it came out, and it really does not carry the vibe of two teens telling the story until that is when it gels together and suddenly becomes an terrific story in the middle.

The main story idea is completely different. I am recommending that readers read The Other F-Word because of its main story idea and how it all comes together, how the kids find out they are family members after living with their different families for their lives. It’s an interesting story. It offers a different perspective to what family really is, and what family can mean. It’s also interesting how the teens go about finding their shared father to help Hollis because he has many food allergies making it almost impossible for him to live a normal life.

The Other F-Word is young at heart person’s book, but hey it can be read by anyone who wants a fast moving book to zip through on a stormy winter day. Momzinga.com.

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