Mar 16

THINKING THURSDAY: Lose Weight With The New President Trump Diet!



30 year old The Girls, or whatever her supposedly funny/feminist TV show was called, star Lena Dunham has said she lost weight due to Donald Trump becoming president. She says “Donald Trump became president, and I stopped being able to eat food.” Looks like another so-called celebrity blaming Trump for her physical, mental and emotional problems. Meanwhile former 1960’s singing star, Barbra Streisand said Trump has made her gain weight. Have to tell you Babs, you were overweight and irrelevant before Trump became president.

If you are stress eating now, or losing weight due to stress from Trump becoming president, maybe it is time to seek mental help. Sounds to me like Dunham, (read her book, where she admits to raping her younger sister), and Streisand had mental problems before Trump became president, and they are just trying to use Trump becoming president as a publicity-ploy like everyone else who is a Liberal non money making star is using Trump as a crutch to make money.

A perfect example is Snoop-Dog who says in a new song what he wants to do to Trump, which I am not repeating anywhere in a public forum. This is a non clever way to get media attention, which is what Miley Cyrus, Whoopie Goldberg and I’ve lost my mind, wife and kids, due to her mental instability, Rosie O’Donnell who at one time had her own talk show. But now she is seen on street corners anywhere in America holding a microphone yelling profanities about Trump. Cyrus, according to media outlets, like the oh so clever and well written YAHOO, have reported Miley is jumping across the pond to go to England, to get away from Trump. Goldberg threatened long ago to go to Canada, which I’d love to see her do, because she isn’t exactly loved here in America. Once again she is using President Trump as a publicity tool to make more money and get more views for the long running TV show, The View.

It’s time for unimportant, irrelevant celebrities like Lena Dunham, Barbra Streisand, Whoopie Goldberg to stop playing the blame game about how Donald Trump ruined their lives and start taking responsibility for their lives and do something meaningful and well intentioned. Momzinga.com.

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