Mar 14

Learn How To Utilize Your Particular Set Of Skills With Stretch


STRETCH BY SCOTT SONENSHEIN—Stop comparing yourself to other people—

I am a firm believer in reading books to make your life better. Reading is much better for you and raising your intelligence than watching TV, or Netflix. So when A really good book comes along from a person who conceptualizes a great idea, I feel the need to tell you about it. Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein wrote Stretch talking about how to make your business better, even talking about how his wife stretches her ideas and makes her business better. What Sonenshein really is talking about is making your entire life better with less.

Stretch is not about doing yoga, but using what you already have in your life to make life better. We don’t need to run out and buy everything at Lowe’s business related, like a new desk, new office cabinets, etc. Although that would be really nice to do. Instead Sonenshein tells us to make do with what we already have. Hey, isn’t this what people did in the Depression-era, and taught their kids to do?

Ultimately this is what Sonenshein is telling us to do. He tells us how stretch what we already have to create a better business, which of course can be used in our private lives and used to make our brains do more than we ever thought we were capable of doing. What I love is how Sonenshein tells us to not look at what other people have, desire their things, but to use what we already have like our special skill set, like Liam Neeson says in his movies, “I have a particular set of skills.” I know I always think “If I had more time in the day, if I had a bigger house and a bigger office, I could do so much more.” But really what it comes down to is we need to learn to use what we already have. Start a business today using your natural skills such as a person who is great at cooking can start a business from their house cooking for others. The possibilities are endless!

Sonenshein tells us to not compare ourselves to other people because then we won’t get anywhere. Just do the work and then we will get farther ahead if we stop comparing ourselves with how much farther everyone else is. Then we think ourselves out of accomplishing our great ideas. Assess the skills we already have before getting new skills is also a great idea.

Stretch isn’t just a catchy book title, Sonenshein has a bestselling book on his hands from living a certain lifestyle, doing the research and not telling himself what everyone else has is better. Momzinga.com.

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