Apr 13


Remember the good old days when newscasters reported news on TV, newspapers wrote extensive stories about what happened , where they actually wrote a story, not an opinion piece? I’d like to go back to that time of having three newsstations appearing on camera nightly, not all day long.

I remember when broadcasters did their research before yelling out a story on the air, a time long ago, way back when the movie Star Wars was the cool new movie to go see. A time when we could pick up a newspaper and read actual newsstoires that weren’t slanted Liberal or Conservative and did not have a hidden agenda in each timely message.

Until that is when we obtained 24-7 newschannels. CNN was the first cable newschannel to run 24-7 with all news, all the time. They ran the same stories 24-7. What I said back in 1987 was—“There’s not enough news for a 24-7 news operation to cover every hour of every day.”

I’m pretty certain I was right and I am still right on this concept—there’s not enough news to cover 24-7 , that’s why cable newsstations run the same stories all day, and why they bring on panelists who argue for their side every single day.

What do you think happens to people when they leave the TV on all day while they work at home? They hear the same news over and over. They hear people arguing about topics that may be true of not. They are racing to get stories on faster than the other newsstations, therefore the quality of the news suffers.Most of the so called facts are not facts, they are opinion.

I don’t want someone telling me how to think, what to think and what call to action I should take to further someone else’s cause–which could have malice and evil intent behind it. Now what we have happening is people who grew up watching 24-7 news. They are completely unaware that there was a time before they were born where we did not have access to news all the time. They are completely unaware that people did not yell at each other on camera, on YAHOO comments section or on Facebook, there was a time when everyone did not have an opinion. We lived our lives, and we were happier for it. We did not stick like glue to our TVs, our Iphones, our computers or have an Echo, Alexa or Google answering our questions for us. We were a happier people. We were more polite, kinderm gentler. We laughed more. We lived life by going out of the house, not staying home continually plugged into the electronic world which feeds us updates on what happened now.

WHAT IS 24-7 NEWS DOING TO US? With all of the electronic media throwing conintual updates at us, we are tied to our cellphones, TV’s , computers 24-7. We are not sleeping as well as we used to. We are on a continual state of awareness. We are becoming an unhealthy people. This will eventually lead to early death and more sickness. WE are putting our bodies in harm’s way. We are in a continual fight or flight mode like our ancestors were in order to survive. We Will see people dying younger, due to having our hormone levels elevated for long periods of time to fight or run away. Which in turn—over time harms our bodies. Fight of flight response elevates our hormones which was needed in cave man times.

WE don’t need our fight or flight response anymore, but it being put into action everyday with people watching 24-7 news stations whose intent it is to create emotions in us to explode so we get mad, cry, and yell at the TV. Our fight or flight response kicks in and we are at home yelling at the TV. Then we go online and yell at strangers due to not having an outlet to deal with our fight or flight hormones raging through our bodies.

Do we really need to know what is going on in the world all day and all night? Do we really to be in a constant state of alertness?

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