Mar 09


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YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM:THE COOKBOOK BY MARK LAUREN—A lot more than just a simple recipe book

When I first looked over YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM:THE COOKBOOK, I was unimpressed. I thought it was just another cookbook with a lot of simple recipes included in the book. But when I went back and looked at it again, I have to say, I was thrilled. The book is a soft cover version, but it is a very large book—size-wise, and it contains tons of helpful information.

Mark Lauren really does know his way around working out, and cooking tasty, delicious, healthy foods. You Are Your Own Gym, really should have been called, You Are Your Own Cook. Hey, I thought it was a catchy name. This book has 125 easy to make recipes, including a health plan to get you on the right course to getting and staying fit.

The food in YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM; THE COOKBOOK looks delicious. Lauren’s recipes are fantastic and so easy to make. I was stunned at how simple each recipe is to make. Lauren includes numerous recipes for each meal of the day and from what I saw and read of his recipes they made me sooooo hungry. I really have to stop looking at cookbooks before lunch or dinner. Lauren includes healthy smoothies, containing fruit, yogurt and veggies, and he includes foods that are fresh and affordable.
Lauren also created a shopping plan for what to eat when to get more fuel out of the food or less fuel, depending on what you want, when you want it.

I have to say it all looked so simplistic to me at first, but then when I really looked at this book, I wanted to tuck it under my arm, carry it everywhere and tell everyone what a truly great book this is, because it so much more than just another recipe book! You need to buy YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM:THE COOKBOOK—–it’s just that good!! MOMZINGA.COM!

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