Mar 08



Land, air animals simply exist for human beings to use and abuse, right? What happens when we use it all up, polluting the land and air with smoke, chemicals, garbage and whatever else we want without being responsible for our actions?

What I have seen since we moved out to the country six years ago is disgusting. People burn their garbage in burn barrels. I’d rather bury it in the ground, separate the glass, paper, and aluminum and re-use these materials. What disgusts me is when people who burn their garbage in burn barrels they are emitting noxious, possibly toxic fumes into the air. This is the air we breathe.

Every night this year I have been smelling something burning. Find out we are down wind of several homes that use wood burning fireplaces, exclusively. While it is awesome to save money by using a wood burning fireplace, people are burning wood, paper, etc in their fireplaces that once again add to air pollution. The air blows our way, we smell it, it gets into our lungs even though we are inside most of the winter. Everything on our back patio is tinged with a layer of black grime which obviously comes from the garbage people are burning and the wood burning fireplace smoke, which becomes unbreathable air for the people downwind of their homes.

What I’m also seeing living in the country is people not taking care of their land. I see fields of garbage, weeds and properties not taken care of unless they are making their owners damn good money. We live with an eyesore field right behind us. The owner or lack thereof, planted crops several years in a row, left the crop for many months, showed up in January to cut the corn down, thus allowing a field of crap to grow in this once lush field. Not only is it an eyesore, but every weed known to man is growing in this field. We live near this field, so we suffer all spring, summer and fall with allergies brought on by weed polen, poisonous weeds growing behind our home that can cause sinus irritation, rashes, sneezing, and if we touch them, we can become seriously ill.

I see garbage, dead critters lying on roads, by the side of roads as if living in the country gives people the free will to hit animals and leave them to rot in the road, with the garbage people throw out of their windows as they hurtle swiftly past our homes. I also hear and see people not giving a crap about animals who live in the country. They assume animals and land are just there for their use and they don’t care if a cat dies in the road, or if a cow gets smacked by a truck driving by. It’s sad to see animals abused by people who live in the country. They leave their dogs outside all day and night because they are not their pets. The dogs are used as protection from raccoons, bears and they are their hunting dogs. So the dogs are left outside all night to bark and keep their neighbors awake.

It’s great to see so many people rush to the country to camp every summer, but if they are like the people who have lived here their entire lives, don’t start taking care of the land, then there won’t be any country land left to enjoy! Momzinga.com.

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