Mar 03


locally laid

LOCALLY LAID WRITTEN BY LUCIE B. AMUNDSEN—Not just another I started a new business story!

Jason Amundsen and his wife go out for date night while he starts extolling to his writer wife how he wants to start a business selling farm fresh, all natural chicken eggs. Lucie, who has already moved once for her husband’s business ideas, as well as moving their two school age children, gets angry thinking she doesn’t want to give up the house they just bought, or move the kids again to the country.

Jason and Lucie argue at a local Mexican restaurant while Lucie ends up crying due to how insane her husband sounds with his new ideas of what he really wants to do with his life—-start a business selling naturally produced, naturally fed, chicken eggs—from chickens that are not cooped up in a sterile, white room all day with artificial sunlight being bombarded with steroids and antibiotics to make them produce eggs faster and bigger.

So starts a new idea in egg production in developing pasture fresh eggs, from chickens that go outside and peck at the ground. At first Lucie thinks her husband has lost it, but after working her new farm, chasing chickens around, caring for them and all the couple and their two kids go through, Lucie sees how beneficial the all natural egg laying process really is and how hard work, planning, giving things up can develop into a wonderful new business. The way in which the Amundsen’s feed the chickens and how they have them live is how farmers used to do farming way back in the early 1900’s.

I already knew some of the information in Locally Laid after reading The Dorito Effect, in which the author tells how farming used to happen and how big companies came along and took over millions of small farms across America. Currently there are hardly any farms, and most have the animals shoved into big buildings with thousands of chickens or cows, standing in one spot all day eating. Well, after doing their research and spending tons of money the Amundsen’s wanted to change all of that.

And they did in a big way, with beautiful, stubborn, I will do this attitudes that were as remarkable as the book Lucie wrote about their company called Locally Laid. You have to read Locally Laid. It is refreshing, honest, hilarious and a quick, fast read that takes you along for the ride of a lifetime. Momzinga.com.

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