Mar 02



THINKING THURSDAY: Washington Democrats Obstructing Everything President Trump and His Cabinet Do

Democrats are telling each other how to think, what to say, and what to do. Democratic leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and many others are telling fellow Democrats/Liberals to resist and persist. I saw the message Hillary told people at the DNC recently when they met to elect a new chairman. She told fellow Dems to resist and persist. In other words everything Donald Trump does, and that Republican leaders do Dems are supposed to resist in a big way.

Dems are supposed to persist in not allowing whatever President Trump does to be accepted. Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters etc, all Democratic leaders have been telling their people to resist whatever President Trump does. Washington Dems have shown their true colors by all the women wearing white at President Trump’s first Congressional speech. They booed Trump and acted like immature little kids. Now they are trying to get Attorney General Sessions out of the cabinet by spreading lies about him. They will do anything to create manufactured lies, resisting and persisting in their campaign to ruin President Trump.

Why are Dems resisting a president who is trying to do good things, not lining his pockets like Hillary was doing all along until she was stopped by half of the America voting public?

Why would anyone ever allow any person to TELL them what to do, how to act, to join a movement to ruin America? The main point here is why would anyone allow themselves to be manipulated into following people who are trying to destroy America? Why would anyone allow themselves to be manipulated? Why would anyone allow themselves to be bossed around by anyone? Why would Democrats do this?

Do you want to start civil war created by the Democratic leaders, becoming a poor nation of third world country dwellers without running water, sustainable food, and people fighting in the streets of our once great nation? Momzinga.com.

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