Feb 23

FIERCE OPTIMISM: No Way Could Someone Be This Happy!

fierce opt

FIERCE OPTIMISM BY LEEZA GIBBONS—-You learn something NEW every day!

Famed, former Entertainment Tonight host Leeza Gibbons is so optimistic I felt saccharine sweet to the bone, and could not believe that someone could be so happy. Her attitude blew me away!

After reading Gibbons super overly confident, happiness to the extreme book I discovered something about myself. I am cynical, unhappy and I always have been that way. Leeza Gibbons has always been the opposite of who I am, confident, happy and willing to try anything. Where I’d say, “No way,” to doing an interview with a famous person while riding horseback, Leeza Gibbons would and has said yes to doing so many things and working a dream job. Oh by the way that she created.

After reading Fierce Optimism, I figured how can anyone be so damn happy all the time? It seemed fake to me. But I have to say, her extremely confident, happy attitude made me realize so much and I decided, yes , I really did, to be happier. (BTW–I’ve said this before, but this time I really mean it!)

Gibbons must be doing something right with her determined, way over the top happy attitude, because she became rich and famous said No to doing the wrong, and still is smiling her Southern charm upon us.

I have to say I was not ready for Fierce Optimism—it’s way over the top, brimming with great attitude. I actually enjoyed reading Leeza Gibbons life story and how she tackles each challenge presented to her. She doesn’t even refer to anything new as a challenge, every new venture, every new day is an easy task to be enjoyed in reaching her ultimate life goals.

She talks about starting out in TV broadcasting and how men treated her differently because she was the only female reporter. It didn’t even bother her. She figured this is the way it goes, and I’ll be out of here soon enough anyways. And she was, she moved up from a small town TV station to just outside of Dallas and then on to bigger and better things from there.

Fierce Optimism is a good book to read if you want to learn how to have a better life. But you have to be open to the possibilities. Momzinga.com.

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