Feb 23

THINKING THURSDAY: 10 Things I’ve Been Thinking About, But Was Too Afraid To Say!

THINKING THURSDAY—10 Things That I’ve Been Thinking About For Months, But Was Too Afraid to Say—-

1. Feminism does NOT mean getting an abortion.

2. Swearing does not make you a Feminist!

3. Respect is earned not given. So quit whining about how you should be given a free education or be given free healthcare because you were born in America.

4. Just because you are a certain skin color does not mean you are owed a college education and you can demand one, and demand to be respected because you are a certain color.

5. What happened to people in big cities NOT having any respect for anyone else?

6. When did seemingly Everyone in America lose their minds?

7. What happened to respecting other people’s opinions?

8. What happened to being a decent, moral, classy person?

9. When did it become okay to hate cops?

10. If you live in America the problems you have are nothing compared to people who live in third world countries, as in they are starving, they do not have a home to live in, and they do not running water. Momzinga.com!

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