Feb 22

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY: Mysteriously Awesome, NEW Netflix Series


THIRTEEN REASONS WHY WRITTEN BY JAY ASHER–You won’t be able to put this book down!

Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that sounds like it was written about kids in the 1960’s. It is a timeless piece. It is beyond good. Thirteen Reasons Why is passionately written, beautifully telling, is dark, deep and a book every teenager should read. By the way—this book is ten years old and is becoming a Netflix series.

I read this book in one day, it is a very easy, fast, intriguing, you have to find out what happened kind of book. Hannah a high school freshman commits suicide and leaves behind several cassette tapes for all of the people that made her life a living hell. Everything added up for Hannah sending her over the edge. From having a popular best friend who dumps her, having a boy she got her first kiss from lie about her sending messages to all the other boys at school that they did a lot more than make out on their date, Hannah gets back at Everyone who screwed her over, from the grave.

Hannah makes several cassette tapes telling the stories to each person of how they messed up her life. How it all added up, how she was treated badly and how horrible it was for her. Clay ends up the next on her list of teens to get the tapes and spends a night listening to them while going through town seeing all the places she talks about and what happened at each to make her commit suicide.

Basically Thirteen Reasons Why is a story of how we as people should treat each other. How we should as teens, as adults in this world should treat each other better, by not spreading lies, make friends with everyone and not try to be the most popular teen in school or in life because in the end being most popular and having what your neighbor has doesn’t really matter. Momzinga.com

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