Feb 08

Read American Girls: Discover How Your Daughter Is Being Sexually Bullied Online!


AMERICAN GIRLS BY NANCY JO SALES—-Your daughter knows more about sex than you do!

Sex, pornography, nude pics, it’s disgusting what is happening to our daughters online. Parents need to know what is going on online with teen girls being sexualized in a slut shamed and bullied society by boys and girls until they commit suicide.
This is happening to our girls in America right now. Nancy Jo Sales wrote a book about the online life of American girls; it’s exactly every parent’s nightmare.

Kids are accessing sex pics all the time. Boys are harassing girls online to show them nude pics, boob pics, and whatever pics. College girls get drunk and have their nude pics taken by boys or girls doing all kinds of sexual things online; Instagram, Snapchat the now defunct, Vine, etc. The pics are everywhere. Boys demand they do it, and them slut shame them!

Nancy Jo Sales interviewed hundreds of girls from the ages of 13 to 19 asking them all kinds of questions about their online activity. And it was disgusting. Middle school girls unashamedly showed Sales online pics of themselves, their friends, and other girls topless, naked, etc. They simply showed no emotions and just showed her the pics. And most of the parents work jobs, are married and many just drop their kids off at the mall where the teens gather to strut around the stores buying more sexually charged items from Victoria’s Secret, and other glittery, stores selling short skirts, see through tops, crop tops, and super tight skinny jeans.

It’s disgusting what is being allowed to happen to our teenage girls online and in regular American society. It doesn’t help that their role models are wearing super short dresses, see through outfits, body hugging, barely there body suits. Just think Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, who all wear next to nothing on stage , and smile away while raking in millions.
Our daughters are taught to be sexualized icons not just from their teenage years as Sales says but from the time they can watch TV, use a computer or handle a cellphone.

Read this book, because you will want to know what is going on in your daughter’s social media life. Might be a good idea to take away your kids’ Iphones at night, and on their days off from school. Momzinga.com

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