Jun 15

MOM RANT: Life Was Simpler and Easier When We Didn’t Have So Many Choices!

Life was better back in the 1960’s, the 1970’s and the 1980’s. Life was simpler. Life was easier. Life was better in America back then, before handheld computers took over the world!

We had less choice, and more real life affirming conversations. We read more books. We used common sense. We lived every day in the present, not in a made up world of online unreality. We didn’t have 24-7 news. And we were better for it. We didn’t have access to our cellphones 24-7, scrolling through websites and news sites until the wee hours of the morning to find out what our president did now. We had more downtime. We were a more relaxed society, because we were tuned out, turned off and we worked hard, talked to our family or our friends and we talked to our neighbors.

We had three news channels. We had three maybe five, if we were really lucky on a clear day, we had seven TV stations bursting into our homes. By the middle 1970’s local cable TV was ramping up and coming into the homes of people that could afford them. Paying for a few new TV stations was a new rhing. Computers were not yet available for everyone. They were only available for those who could afford them and who were intelligent enough to figure out how to use them.

We are continually connected to an unreal world, we have created. Kids are get hit by cars because they are running into busy streets to find Pokémon. Kids come home from school and run to their rooms, using a remote to turn on TVs, while scrolling through their Iphones, and ardulously scanning their laptops for all the latest information from the websites they joined years ago. Forget it, parents don’t see their kids on Facebook or Twitter, that is so yesterday, anyone under 30 is on a website they created or was created to amuse their specific needs. Kids don’t just Facetime, they Skype use Facebook Live or any number of websites created just for them.

Life was easier, better and people talked face to face with each other, before electronic media was created by robot-like people, who have doomed our society! Not sure why thousands if not millions of people are moving to small towns across America? Momzinga.com.

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