Jan 13

Bad Girl, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?The Runaway Midwife



Is Clara a bad-ass, or a bad midwife?The Runaway Midwife is not just a story about a midwife running away from her husband having an affair, and trumped up charges of killing a woman who gave birth to a baby while she was doing her job as a midwife. The Runaway Midwife is about Clara Perry who discovers many good things about herself as she discovers an entirely new world wrapped up in nature.

Clara who runs away from pending charges of murder and her husband who is having an affair, discovers the healing skills of nature in a Canadian Island off of Lake Erie. She describes the crashing waves, the landscape, Lake Erie’s beauty, numerous different kinds of birds and while living alone on the end of an island and the healing powers of starting a new life while trying to shed her old life which continually creeps back into her new life.

The Runaway Midwife moves at a fast pace catching you in the web of entanglement; if Clara is going to get caught in her stealthy game of cat and mouse. Will Clara renaming herself Sara, find new love, will she make new friends, will she become a stronger person on her Canadian escape? Will Clara be caught in her web of lies, go back to her old life and be cleared of murder?

These questions go through your mind as you are reading The Runaway Midwife which is a book of about 400 fast moving, pages. It’s not a detective/thriller book, but it is a fast moving intriguing good book to sit down with on a cold night, or really on any day you have time to pour through a well written book that pulls you along to read faster to find out what is going to happen.

It’s a story you become involved in wondering if Clara is going to gain a better life. It’s also very interesting how Harman includes birds and the powerful mastery of nature into the book, making nature an integral part of Clara’s healing process. Now I want to go back to live near Lake Erie, to see how the lake changes through the four seasons, like I experienced while living in Erie, PA. Makes me pine for my long, daily walks along the water’s edge once again. Momzinga.com.

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  1. Patsy or Patricia Harman

    Momzinga! What a nice review. I think you really get it. Midwives might be heroes to some, but they are flawed and vulnerable like all of us. Thanks of your thoughts.

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