Jan 13

THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE: 30 Days To a Better Life?

THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE written by Shaunti Feldhahn—

Every single person on the face of the planet should read The Kindness Challenge which really does not force you to take the 30 day Kindness Challenge, but Shaunti Feldhahn ever so sweetly directs people to be kind to everyone. You know your boss who you do not agree with, Feldhahn directs you to be ever so nice to your boss for thirty days.

You know that one clerk at the post office that you always get when you are in a hurry, who is cynically bitter and who never smiles or acts like he wants to be there but gets paid an astronomical amount of money to sort through mail but screws it up anyways? You know who I mean, that one person that no matter how kind you are to each day, they still are miserable. Well, Feldhahn says you should be really, really nice to her or to him. You remember the old adage kindness kills? Throw yourself into being really kind to people and see what happens. If they are still mean, surly or rude after thirty days, they will never learn what is going on.


I have been taking the high road for six years now at the post office. I have been being kind. I smile, and say, “Hi, how are you today?” The answers I get from two different surly, unhappy people are completely unreal in a day when numerous people do not have good jobs. I have been kind to two people who work at our local post office. I say “Good Morning and how are you doing today?”
That is what the Kindness Challenge prompts you to do, to take 30 days to target a specific person and be extra specially kind to him or her.

Feldhahn finds numerous people to target in her book, The Kindness Challenge, giving examples of real people in her quest to change the world one person at a time. Felhahn says 89 percent of the time people who tried the Kindness Challenge it has worked.

I am trying it in overall short bursts right now with people I do not see everyday such as drivers who routinely blow through stop signs where we live. Pennsylvania must an unwritten rule that when you are driving on a side street it is okay to blow through stop signs without looking , and it is okay to back up in a WalMart parking lot without looking to see if anyone is standing nearby.

Can’t you tell the Kindness Challenge is working for me?! Hey, at least I haven’t yelled at the people who blow through stop signs almost obliterating my hard fought for life. And so far, I have not lectured the miserable people at the post office. Feldhahn says her method for the Kindness Challenge works. The Kindness Challenge takes a lot of patience, really putting forth a lot of effort and truly giving it your all. Momzinga.com.

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