Dec 15

THINKING THURSDAY: Make Christmas Happen This Year.



This is something that everyone should do every year at Christmas making other people happier. Christmas is a time of giving. And I’m not talking about giving material things. I’m talking about giving of yourself to other people. I’m that person that gets depressed every year right before, during and after Christmas. And I’m making Christmas happen.

How can you make Christmas happen?

SMILE and tell clerks, family, online friends, everywhere you go say these words to the people you come across: “Merry Christmas. I wish you a happy holiday season.” Store clerks are not certain what to say to people anymore because we have been told for years not to say “Merry Christmas.” Tell the postal clerk who lost your package last year, “Merry Christmas.”

Even though you may not feel like decorating your home this year because the kids have grown up and moved away, or because your husband is griping at you, get the Christmas tree out of the basement, garage, storage shed and put it up and decorate it. Just seeing that Christmas tree will make you feel happier. I promise you, I know this. (Buy the one with lights already on it.)

Make Christmas cookies to give out to others. I gave out cookies to the people my husband worked with every year, driving them to where he worked because I knew his boss did not give anything to his employees every year. So, I did the next best thing, I gave everyone a Christmas card, and handed out tins of cookies to each person.

Watch Christmas movies, TV shows, musical specials. It really does lift your spirits. Even if you are not surrounded by people, which millions of people are not at this time of year. Watch a Christmas show, like the Disney TV show or The Pentatonix special. My husband turned on the Pentatonix show the other night. I went from crabby to happy in a heartbeat. Watch Scrooged with Bill Murrary, or The Muppets Christmas Carol. I guarantee these movies will make you feel grateful, happier. Otherwise you can start calling yourself The Grinch.

Volunteer at a party for nursing home residents. Or volunteer to give out presents to the elderly. Check on your elderly neighbors, making sure they are okay at this time of year. Start a food drive or present drive for kids. Seeing the smile on the face of an elderly person who feels she has nothing to live for as Santa give her a gift is a heartwarming feeling. Momzinga.com

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