Dec 12

Road Trip To Heaven or Hell? Find Out in Road To Paradise



Road to Paradise is the trip of a lifetime; enthralling, all encompassing, storytelling to the extreme. Paullina Simons writes like she has so many numerous stories to tell, letting them out in a smart, fashionable, inventive way. Simons does not let the cat out of the bag until she deems it necessary. She keeps readers along for the ride, giving inventive plot twists out only when necessary.

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you know what it is like. It can be exciting or incredibly dull. Opening your heart and mind creates a beautiful world to explore. But Shelby and Gina discover more than they can handle when they pick up an innocent-looking hitchhiker who has more worldly experience in gross, threatening, manipulative ways. Gina and Shelby are truly in for the ride of their lives, as they start their trek from the East Coast to California, Shelby intent on finding her long lost mother. Gina finding a lost love.

As the threesome drive along, the trip becomes too much to handle as Candy Cane encompasses the girls’ lives leading them right into the Devil’s mouth. Shelby is an over achiever who just wants to start college in her OCD-filled life, and plots out the course they will be taking, with Gina along for the ride. The girls were best friends, but for an unknown reason we discover later, they grew apart.

Road to Paradise is a long read, moved along at hyper speed by mostly dialogue. At times, it is a wonder of page turning, at times it is not. Road to Paradise covers many unnerving topics such as child porn, male domination, believing in God, mental problems, instability, growing up, and other topics I can’t discuss, because I’m not giving away the ending. Simons writes all of these serious topics in non-serious way, which makes for a good read.

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