Nov 14

GLITTER: Ghastly Glittering, But Something is Missing!



Glitter is a dystopian novel set in the later 2,000’s as in 2056, but inside the castle in Sonoma France, the wealthy people live as if it is the 18th century. Okay this is a completely different kind of premise for a book for teens and young adults.

I found the premise to be very promising and historically rich. Teens learn about the 18th century in a new way. Getting an inside glimpse into history; how wealthy kings and queens lived in large mansions with servants to help their every need is awesome. Servants dress them with a twist in Glitter. A main computer takes care of everything from maintaining a certain temperature to dressing and undressing the wealthy occupants inside the mansion. Dani has been betrothed to the murderous king But Danica has her own plans to escape the castle.

Dani sets up an in house drug lab in her father’s quarters. Disguised as glittering makeup, Dani sells the makeup to everyone in the palace, who quickly become addicted to Glitter. At the same time Dani is making addicting drugs, she is getting ready for a sham of a marriage to the King who she witnessed killing his former lover.

Glitter was beautifully written by Aprilynne Pike. Pike describes the palace Dani lives in, the clothing she wears, her hair styles, the makeup itself, the outside world and the way everyone looks.

The descriptions are beautiful. But the plot does not move along. Glitter moves at a snail’s pace. The prologue and the last 100 pages are interesting, moving swiftly. But what happens in between is well ummm—nothingness. The King flirts with and dances with Dani at public balls. But nothing major happens at the glittery gatherings. Dani bullies the bullies; giving back what she gets with a sharp wit. Clever! But besides the miracle of nonhappenings, there is no reason to truly fear for the future Queen, because the sense of doom and gloom does not strongly intensify. Momzinga.com.

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