Nov 07

MANSLICE MONDAY:ASHTON KUTCHER: Watch Kutcher on Netflix on The Ranch and That 70’s Show


Beyond compare Ashton Kutcher has been gifted with good looks, talent a sense of humor, determination, and success heaped upon him in many forms. He always gets the gorgeous woman; two of whom married him.

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His first wife, Demi Moore, married Kutcher in 2004, after she left Bruce Willis for a much younger Kutcher. He left her after eight years for fellow That Seventies Show, actress, Mila Kunis, who is a couple of years younger than Kutcher. They have had one child together so far.

Ashton Kutcher started his acting career by going to college for biochemical engineering. After being spotted in a bar by a modeling agent, which of course started his successful but short modeling career, he starred in ads for Calvin Klein. While starring in That 70’s Show he started his super successful movie career in comedies and romance flicks; Coming Soon, Dude Where’s My Car?. He starred—I guess you can call it starred on MTV’s Punk’d, continued starring in major motion pictures, and then replaced Charlie Sheen in Two and Half Men for four seasons, where he made a million a year, and reportedly 20 million in the first year.

Kutcher played Steve Jobs in Jobs and he has become a success in the investment world in several successful businesses; Skype, Foursquare, and Path. Ashton Kutcher has a twin brother, who had heart problems when he was younger.
Wondering where Ashton Kutcher is going with his super successful career? Recently Ashton stars on Netflix’s The Ranch, and he has been funding a rescue effort to keep women and children from being sold to sex slavery. Momzinga.com

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