Oct 25

TACO TUESDAY: THE DUDE DIET: Not Just For Guys, A Healthy Eating Bible For Everyone!


THE DUDE DIET BY SERNA WOLF—-The Bible of Healthy Eating and It’s Funny!!

The Dude Diet is not a typical cookbook. the Dude Diet exudes personality, good times and great food, and also healthy food for dudes. You know what I mean this is a cookbook for guys who slam chicken wings and pizza in their mouths, thinking that is a good meal. Well I’m here to tell you it is not. Chicken wings when cooked the right way, are loaded with fattening, bad calories. FAT. This is what Serena Wolf stresses throughout The Dude Diet is eating good, healthy foods, but done in a different way meant for guys.

Serena says The Dude Diet can be followed by anyone. And oh yeah, Wolf does not do that whole awful thing of throwing scary stats in our faces. She does not tell us what to eat everyday, how many calories we have to have, and how every single food out there is bad for us. No, Wolf gives continual helpful eating and cooking advice, and numerous delicious recipes abound throughout the entire book.


When she mentions that eating a muffin, is like eating a cupcake every morning, which I eat every morning, is oh so bad and takes years off our lives, I literally put down the chocolate chip muffin I was eating and looked at what else in my kitchen I could eat instead. Wolf stresses that eating protein and more healthy foods every morning is really good for our bodies. We should be eating meat, and eggs in the morning and not fast food garbage which will also do us in way before our time. I noticed when I eat meat in the morning like steak(leftover from the night before), I feel energized, more relaxed and good. I feel ready to go; like I could work all day.

I love the Dude diet because Serena Wolf does not extoll all the bad foods, instead she offers healthy, good for us alternatives, like tasty chicken tenders instead of fattening chicken wings. She offers a magic faux-tisserie chicken that looks so dang good, and it is good for our bodies. Grilled flank steak with avocado salsa verde, looks truly delicious. Wolf offers appetizers, meals, breakfasts, football party food. YUM!

The Dude Diet is a book we all need to buy and look at as our new bible of healthy eating, every day!! Momzinga.com

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