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GIRL IN THE AFTERNOON BY SERENA BURDICK—Most Magnificent book of 2016!!

The description for Girl In the Afternoon does not do this magnificent book justice. Serena Burdick does a lot more than write a story about a young woman trying to gain independence in a man’s world back in Paris in the late 1800’s. Aimee Savaray and her family become involved in a drama of epic proportions. Turns out Aimee’s mother, Colette has numerous affairs, one with Henri who Aimee has fallen in love with.

I have to admit I did not want to enjoy reading Girl in the Afternoon because I guess it would be easier to simply read it and put the book aside. But no, Burdick does such an incredible job of creating an interwoven web of misdeeds and complications that I became entrenched in the book staying up way too late to finish devouring Girl in the Afternoon which became a very fast read once reaching page 100.

Aimee wants a life of painting beautiful paintings and not being just another model or getting married at a young age to do the right thing of getting married to someone she doesn’t love and having numerous babies to carry on a family line. She wants to live life to the fullest by doing what she adores. It’s just that she falls in love with the same young man her mother has taken as a lover. You see, Colette is something of a ho and will stop at nothing to ruin other people’s lives, even if she ruins her daughter’s life, and essentially her entire family’s life to get what she wants.

Not exactly a model of motherhood, Colette routinely has affairs with whomever she pleases to cure her dire boredom. But then the plot thickens and readers are sent on a whirlwind of plot twists that outnumber any soap opera.

I highly recommend Girl in the Afternoon to all women who want a good, emotional, better than any soap opera read! Truly a masterful, brilliant book, take time to read Girl in the Afternoon. Most Magnificent book of 2016!Momzinga.com.

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