Aug 15

Can’t Believe The Wolf Road is Beth Lewis’s First Book: Should Be Made Into a Movie!

beth lewis


The Wolf Road is a first person narrative with Elka telling a dramatic, pulling on your heartstrings story of how she grew up living with a madman in the Gold Rush days of yore. Beth Lewis weaves a tale so fantastic and fantastically well written, that Wolf Road should be created into a movie.

What truly had me cheering for Elka and reading Wolf Road as fast as possible were all of the combinations of strength of character, love, lack of love, how badly Elka is treated, and how Elka never gives up. I have to admit I had a hard time getting past the first two chapters because Elka is illiterate, and talks like she is illiterate. She is the person telling the story, so it was hard to get used to reading how Beth Lewis wrote this book. But once I got used to how Lewis wrote the book, the story practically pulls readers along in a tale of a young girl growing up with a truly insidious man. It’s like she is growing up with Hannibal Lecter—a sick , twisted, demented man. Only thing is Elka doesn’t know he is sick, demented and twisted, until she figures it all out when she is 18, struggling to survive on her own, while Trapper taunts her in the wilderness.

Elka ‘s parents leave her with her grandmother to find gold. Elka’s grandmother is horribly strict, tries to teach the seven year old her letters and numbers and how to read, but Elka refuses. A tornado hits when her grandmother leaves Elka alone to go for a walk. Elka is left alone to survive, when she walks onto Trapper’s cabin to grab food to fill her starving stomach. He takes her in, teaches her how to fend for herself, but leaves every so often , and she doesn’t really know why. Obviously Trapper is leaving to fulfill a horrid need which he is trying to instill in Elka.

The Wolf Road is so meaningful, involving, enriching showing how far we as people will go to survive even though the odds are not always in our favor. Momzinga.com.

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