Jun 01

Vegas Diaries: Former Girl Next Door Holly Madison’s Personal Journey to Success


Vegas Diaries is a complete departure from Holly Madison’s first book, Down the Rabbit Hole. It is not filled with glitzy, revealing, reality TV show sneak peaks into what really happened at the Playboy Mansion. Although she does tell about sexy moments, sexy clothing. Vegas Diaries is a story telling how Holly Madison transitions from her life as a Playboy lifeless doll to a self sufficient person who stands on her own two feet.

Holly Madison grows up , doesn’t throw sex in readers faces. That’s what I think people were looking for in her second book; a seriously easy read, filled with sexy pictures. I thought it would be a continuation of her first book, starting off with what happened after she met and married her husband and had a baby. But that’s not where Madison goes. Madison also does not go for the sexy continuation of her Playboy Playmate life.

Diaries is a very interesting, thoughtful, intriguing book telling her story of how she is open to furthering her career, but not by the trashy route so many millions of people were looking for in Diaries.

You know what I mean the life of partying, acting like a star, living a life of having yes people, and doing tons of drugs. Maybe that’s why so many people are upset about Madison not writing a book of a life of excessive selfishness. I say, “Go for it, Holly!” She used her body, brains and abilities and her openness to a better life to get what she wanted. She grew up in Vegas Diaries and tells readers how she does this in an adventurous, well written book.

Yes, according to many so called critics who are not writers by profession, Diaries is not like Rabbit Hole. But if people who read the book actually read the book, look at it for what it is—about a young, attractive woman doing something wonderful with her life, not going the self inflated, selfish way of the Kardashians, Kanye West, Madonna and many more big-ego stars then readers will see an attractive young woman who did what is right for her, and not what someone told her she needs to do to seek fame. Momzinga.com

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